Berita Hidup

Children Ministry

Children ministry commenced in 1979. There have been some care centers served by Berita Hidup throughout Indonesia. This ministry is managed by Department of children ministry and formal school of Berita Hidup. Formal school ministry is implemented in the form of kindergarten and elementary school.

It is expected that the children will come to the whole development of potential for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To love, to educate, and to care he children of poor families that they grow in expected character and high competence for the sake of gaining a chance to live a proper life for their future.

To actualize care centers with ability to carry out a work of caring and educational/instructional work to build up the children’s characters. In the fields of intellectual, emotional. And behavior.

To develop the Children’s competence in the field of science, skill, experience and application of life that they have self confidence,  mental persistence and intellectual capacity.

It is planned that the ministry will recruit 25 teachers/tutors with capability in caring and in educating as well in teaching 500 children of poor families that they may get opportunity to have sufficient education according to their  age.

We used to support them for their lunch, tuition, medical care, school uniform clothes and any other needs. Since a great number of their sponsors have decided to resign, a lot of children have been dropped out of sponsor list. Therefore, we keep praying that God will meet them with those who have a loving heart and giving hands


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