Berita Hidup

Correspondence Bible Course


Started from 1972, Correspondence Bible Course ministry has been performing a follow up ministry to people who give respond to the evangelism ministry, after reading the advertisement from some national newspapers.

Berita Hidup carries out the correspondence Bible course in free of charge. This ministry is aimed to guide those who are interested to understand Bible knowledge beginning from the basic level. The materials of the course are systematically composed that it can be easily comprehended for the sake of their spiritual growth.

For the participants of the course we usually give spiritual books to help them grow in faith. We also give some of the a Bible book. For those who have special questions we suggest them to take a counseling ministry. Some of the participants has made decision to accept the Lord Jesus Christ to be their personal God and Savior.

While the package of the Bible Course consists of
1. Satu Tuhan Satu Jalan (One God, One Way)
2. Kabar Baik (The Good News)
3. Menuju Kedewasaan Rohani (Ahead to Spiritual Growth)
4. Kursus Lanjutan I ( Advance Course I, Old Testament)
5. Kursus Lanjutan II ( Advance Course II, New Testament)


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