Berita Hidup

Getting Involved

We thank you to our partners both organization partners and individual partners. Participation and contribution of the partners have made it possible for us to keep running in advancing the ministries of the Gospel. Berita Hidup keeps running to be a part of a sharing world also because of good partnership with those who are called to meet His Great Command to advance the Good News. Thank you to AMG International in the U.S.A. AMG Asia, Kindernothilfe, e.V, Germany, GKAI church, Dirjen Bimas Kristen RI, and everybody who have been supporting us.

As time goes by, the recent situation has been changing that Berita Hidup has to involve more partners and donors to involve in our ministry. There are a great number of people to be won to the Savior. There are God’s servants need to be supported in planting churches as well as to shepherd their church. A lot of you people are called to be equipped with biblical knowledge before becoming missionaries at the ministry field. A lof of children have been deleted from sponsor list.

If God whispered to you to get involved in our ministry, please not hesitate to join us. You can transfer some of your fund to our account at 015.30.8781.1. BCA Slamet Riyadi, Solo. Anyway we open our hand if you prefer supporting us through another means of delivering.


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