Berita Hidup

Literature Ministry

Literature ministry is a ministry to follow-up respondents who make a response to the ministries of evangelism advertisement, Bible course, Video ministry, radio ministry, or those who need spiritual reading materials. The literature are produced in form of reading materials by Berita Hidup under management of Evangelism and Publishing Departemen. In cooperation with other publishing institution, Berita Hidup has published some books concerning with evangelism and spiritual growth.

The followings are the books that have been published and distributed to those who need materials to grow up their spiritual life:

1.       Hadiah yang Sempurna (The Perfect git)

2.       Yesus Juruselamat-Mu (Jesus Your Savior)

3.       Injil Lukas ( The Gospel Luke, Javanese language)

4.       Menjadi Kristen (Becoming a Christian)

5.       Siapakah Saya (Who am I?)

6.       Jalan Allah ke Sorga (The God’s Way to the Heaven)

7.       Anda Sungguh Berarti (You are so Precious)

8.       Pertolongan yang Datang dari Atas (A Help from Above)

9.       Jalan kepada Allah (The Way to the Lord)

10.    Bagaimana Mengenal Allah (How to Know the Lord?)

Those books are published to be distributed to common respondents. For certain group of readers Beria Hidup also have been distributing certain book for example for the participants of the Bible course. Beside in form of books Berita Hidup also has published and distributed evangelism tracts in a great amount. The tracts are distributed both by other fellow institution and by persons.



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