Berita Hidup

Newspaper Evangelism Ministry

Newspaper Evangelism Ministry is a ministry  in the form of publication of evangelism advertisement into several national newspaper. The publishing is perforemed each month in hoping to give motivation and to shoe the true way of life to the readers. As a follow up ministry to the respondent, Berita Hidup send to them some reading materials to be their  reading materials. This ministry also lead people to take an advance step by taking correspondece Bible course of by receiving counseling ministry.

Some Examples Of Newspaper Evangelism Advertisement

Someone Deserve To Be Followed

Problems around us these days have been making us headache. One problem is not solved yet, another one accumulates more complicated. Those problems are always accompanied with things and cause people to become life victims both materially and spiritually. Everyone expects peaceful atmosphere in this country.

There is Someone you deserve to follow.  He is fair and wise. He brings that peace. He is not a corruptor. He is not deceitful politician. He is not disintegrator.

The Key of Success

Demands of never-ending daily needs has been making us depressed and upset. It is worse that education cost has been increasing higher and higher. This makes us helpless. Don’t be confused. Because there is a key of success to open a way out.

The True Leader

The world is now coming into a crisis of leadership. Around the south-east Asia, there has been a discourse that questions their leader. People assume that their leader is incompetent. That’s why they have been protesting through demonstration, disbelief motion, and antipathy, etc.

As a matter of fact, there is a trustable leader. He is fair and wise. He uphold transparancy in everything. His leadership is highly reliable. He brings salvation to all people.


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