Berita Hidup

Berita Hidup Seminary

Berita Hidup Seminary is a part of Berita Hidup ministry founded to recruit and to equip young people of the churches to be sent to the ministry world.  They are prepared to become full time God’s workers and Christian education teachers. It is expected that the graduates will be godly leaders at school and at society.

This seminary has been running to also respond the demands of God’s workers needed by partner church namely GKAI church. Therefore the seminary admits and sends home their students to the sending church. Anyway, not all students come from GKAI since the school belongs to an inter-denomination school.

Berita Hidup Seminary runs some programs of study such as theological degree and Christian education degree. Beside that the seminary  also run an SMTK (Christian high school) to educate students who have finished their junior high school.

By the related government Berita Hidup seminary has been approved to hold a national  final exam after getting accredited status. The seminary has been making effort to keep all achievement and still have to keep struggling to make better achievement.

Since 2000/2001 academical year, Berita Hidup seminary ran Magister Program. The field of study opened in this program consists of Church Management. Christian leadership, and Christian Education.  Magister program is held to respond the graduates who are interested to get an advanced education according to their majors both for the pastors and for Christian Education teachers.



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